Payment Methods

Payment Methods

This site accepts Credit card(Visa,MasterCard), Paypal and Payme.


Just a mobile phone number, no bank, you can transfer money freely by tapping your phone anytime, anywhere, free of charge. Pay with PayMe at De'Longhi Group Hong Kong eShop: just swipe left on the homepage to open the scanner, and swipe PayCode to pay.

1. Customers should select "PayMe" as the payment method at checkout. After the order is confirmed, they will be automatically redirected to the PayMe website for payment.

2. After jumping to the PayMe page, follow the instructions to scan the PayCode with the mobile phone "PayMe" APP

(Note: The transaction PayCode is valid for 90 seconds. If it expires, it will be invalid. You need to resubmit the order and obtain a new transaction PayCode)

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