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De'Longhi Idealfry Hot Air Fryer FH2394

Big capacity, compact size: 1.5 kg of fresh potatoes to peel / 1.25 kg of frozen potatoes 

Surround Heating System double pro (SHS double), to guarantee

Excellent cooking performance: food is crispy outside and tasty and juicy inside

Rapid cooking: time saving

More recipes : more cooking expeience

Upper tubular sheathed heating element with fan for a convection and grill cooking

Lower tubular sheathed heating elements (300 W) to improve the speed and the feasible recipes

Transparent lid to check the food during the cooking process without opening the lid

80% less fat (compared to fresh fries prepared with a traditional De'Longhi deep Fryer)

Digital control panel: to set 4 power levels and the cooking time

5 pre-set cooking programs (potatoes, cake, snack, meet, manual function)

90-minute timer with ready signal

Adjustable thermostat : The adjustable thermostat with 4 different levels for temperature setting depending on the recipe

De'Longhi IdealFry is our innovative hot air fryer that allows you to fry 20% faster (In comparison to frozen fries prepared with a De' Longhi FH 1 series air fryer)

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