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Kenwood PureJuice Pro Slow Juicer JMP800SI

By working at an optimal 48 rpm and reducing heat and oxidation, its scrolling technology gently presses fruits and vegetables to release nutrients in a way that preserves them

There is no need to cut up fruit or vegetables before they go in, and the powerful induction motor means you can be enjoying your juice in seconds. Then, when you're done, the rinse function keeps cleaning hassle-free

Dual whole apple feed tube:
From thinner fruit and vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers to larger round ones like apples and beetroot, everything goes in whole and nothing is wasted thanks to the unique dual feed tube

Quiet operation

Separation of Juice and Pulp

1.5L Pulp container:
Collects the dry nutrient-rich pulp to use in baking cakes, brownies, falafel or adding to soups

1.5L Juice jug

Anti-drip stopper for no spillages or drips

Rinse clean function: Fill with water for effortless cleaning

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